1. People think this stock is Twitter


    It is not. 

    Tweeter Home Entertainment (TWTRQ) was a consumer electronics retailer that sold TVs, car radios, home theater systems, and the like at more than 100 U.S. stores. In 2007 it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and had its assets sold to a new owner, who also filed for Chapter 11 a year later.

    So why did shares of Tweeter stock jump more than 1500% this morning?

    Hahaha this is hilarious. 

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    hah who would not do their research and base buying this stock off of 5 similar ticker symbol letters?
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    Hahaha this is hilarious.
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    This is not uncommon. I remember reading a wonderful paper years ago discussing the movements of the stock MCI when...
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    It IS Tweeter like the Tweeter Center! Man, I forgot about that store. I bought my first car stereo there.
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    Is this Tweeter like The Tweeter Center in Boston? (Is that even still a thing?)
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    It’s like natural selection for investors. Step 1: Learn the name of the company you want to invest in.
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